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08-Nov-2017 17:04

Its pseudo-maturity and time-delayed interactions allured us.

But for years AIM was still there—simply, silently, warmly beckoning for anyone to return. We plan every hangout, we send every news article, we proclaim every relationship in the river of text it taught us to sail.

The rep patiently explained that many websites, like You Tube and Netflix, require a much faster connection.

I guess I won't continue watching that I opened another tab and tried to go to a different site, not thinking that that would slow down my experience even more. And even though reddit was only founded in 2005, and thus not part of my 1995 Internet experience at all, I was desperate to go on a site that would load in a reasonable amount of time. Once it did load, I was too impatient to click on any of the links lest I fall on a site that uses Flash, and I didn't want to be at my neighbor's house using his dial-up connection until 2016.

We wrote subtweety openings as our Facebook status, hoping our crush would comment there instead.

Eventually Facebook had its own chat product too, and it made more sense to use that, or Gchat, or to just text. “AIM is signing off for the last time,” said the product team in a tweet on Friday.

And then we graduated from high school, and some of us moved far away, and as mobile semi-adults spread across campus, AIM didn’t make logistical sense anymore. “Thanks to our buddies for making chat history with us!