Bind dynamically updating a zone

25-Sep-2017 23:48

Any error messages collected are put in the validation result object alongside the field validation errors, with keys named after the failed validation method's key in the option object.

This is just the same as with custom field-specific validators.

If you do not want timestamps on your models, only want some timestamps, or you are working with an existing database where the columns are named something else, jump straight on to configuration to see how to do that.

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So this enum name must follow this pattern then correct name will automatically be generated. GEOMETRY(' POINT', 4326) // Spatial column with geometry type and SRID. The BLOB data type allows you to insert data both as strings and as buffers. In fact, pseudo properties can be defined in two ways: using model getters, or by using a column with the functions (as opposed to accessing the underlying "data values" property directly) - doing so protects your custom getters and setters from changes in the underlying model implementations. Getters and Setters can be defined in 2 ways (you can mix and match these 2 approaches): getter, is an example of how you can define pseudo properties on your models - attributes which are not actually part of your database schema. Model validator methods are called with the model object's context and are deemed to fail if they throw an error, otherwise pass.

If a particular field of a model is set to allow null (with are set or both, and fail if one but not the other is set.

This link covers the creation of REST APIs using Express.

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