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Non-Qualified: Most processors group international cards, corporate cards and government cards into this category, although some also include rewards or premium cards in this tier as well.

Most processors also consider cards that are manually keyed-in as non-qualified transactions.

Flat-rate pricing initially looks more expensive because the rates are higher than the starter rates that many companies advertise.

However, one of the hallmarks of flat-rate pricing is that you pay fewer fees than you would with a traditional merchant account; in fact, many of the best mobile credit card processors don't charge any additional fees.

Credit card processing companies typically use the three following pricing models to determine your processing costs: tiered, flat rate and interchange-plus pricing: Tiered Pricing Although tiered is the overall most common pricing model for credit card processing, it's usually only offered to mobile credit card processing merchants by full-service processors.

Industry experts criticize tiered pricing because it's less transparent than interchange-plus pricing and more complex than flat-rate pricing.

Two factors – processing costs and fees – comprise the amount you can expect to pay.

The processing cost is the amount of money you pay for each transaction.

Another variation of flat-rate pricing is the per-transaction fee.Although the full-service credit card processors that offer mobile credit card processing have this pricing model, we omitted it from this matrix because it isn't as common among mobile processors as the other two pricing models.You can see interchange-plus pricing on the matrixes for our Credit Card Processing and Accept Credit Cards Online Reviews.Like tiered pricing, this model consists of the processor's markup and actual processing costs, which is the interchange rate and the card-brand fee.

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The difference is that with this pricing model, the processor tells you how much the markup actually is.The processor's markup is expressed as a percentage of the transaction amount and a small set fee for each transaction.

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