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Sure, our parents and grandparents had to deal with dating slang, but these days, the terminology changes so rapidly (thanks, social media) that if you don't stay on top of it, you could think the person you're seeing is asking you to "dance the robot" when they text you about wanting to DTR.

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For men who want a wife that won't appear like a "traditional mail order bride" Poland is an excellent choice.Whether you're single or in a relationship, keeping up with dating slang can be hard.Viral words change constantly, and expressing yourself and your desires in relationships can be difficult enough as it is.There are some real advantages to dating a woman from Poland. There are direct flights to Warsaw the capital city or you can fly to Paris and catch a transfer to Warsaw or take the train.

English is fairly widely spoken so you shouldn't have too much trouble getting around and your date may also speak reasonable English as well.

This can also be an advantage when it comes time for her family to visit or if she wants to visit her family.