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Perhaps the extinction event opened a niche for the dinosaurs, which now emerged as the dominant species on earth.

By the Jurassic, the dinosaurs had evolved into the monsters we like to fantasize about: the long-necked, herbivorous , were the first to evolve a covering of down (Protofeathers); a subgroup of this branch, the maniraptors, evolved true feathers, and were the direct ancestors of modern birds, which can be thought of as a surviving line of dinosaurs.

Rainy seasons alternated with dry seasons: heavy rains flushed sediments down the flanks of mountains into rivers and rift-valley lakes called playas; when dry season came, the lakes shrank and muds baked in the subtropical sun.

Across these muds the earliest known dinosaurs small, meat-eating reptiles left their three-toed bipedal tracks.

Hagen was several years Kiedis' senior and became a role-model during his drug addiction to heroin: "she realized how young and inexperienced I was then, so she was always passing on gems to me, not in a preachy way, just by seizing on opportunities." Upon expressing this, Hagen immediately told him to keep it.

Her reasoning behind this selflessness was due to an attempt to constantly make her life more enjoyable, and explained to Kiedis that "if you have a closet full of clothes and you try to keep them all, your life will get very small.

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These primordial forests were inhabited by insects ranging from tiny soil-dwellers (described above) to huge fliers like such as the eight foot long vegetarian Scutosaurus - an egg-laying precursor of the dinosaur.

Steve Huey of Allmusic noted that while the single "didn't achieve the massive pop success of its follow-up, 'Under the Bridge' [...] it did become one of the band's most instantly recognizable songs." Following the Chili Peppers' tour in support of Mother's Milk (1989), the duo spent time in a side project called H. The band then reconvened at a later time and chose the most appropriate inclusion.

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