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Once the chips start to fall however things even out very quickly. projection is 3-4 hours (with 7-8 sprays, neck, shirt, under the shirt, chest etc.) then it's on skin, when your body heat increases it comes back a little 2) Sillage - Poor after 1 hour: I sit in a relatively small room with 3 other colleagues.

To the point where the difference in dry down between the two could ostensibly be passed off as Creed batch variations. I have the 08/17 batch and after nearly 5 hours it's still neck and neck, so no problems there. Ask yourself these couple of questions and feel enlightened... Everyday at least once, they do critique about my fragrance for that day.

on my second bottle of made in France version, newest being the new kind of spray pipe under the sprayer, assuming this is the new batch. In terms of smell, L'aventure smells better but had performance issues after couple of hours of magic, Where CDNIM smells slightly harsh or industrial kind of smell, but to the people around myself definitely smells pleasant. Wore this to my university and got 4 friends (3 female, 1 male) noticed this masterpiece in like 10 days. On clothes it last 7-8 hours Presentation: very good black heavy bottle. And the projection/sillage is good for first 3 hours.

I wore it to the office, 2 sprays were enough for the day because I was worried that someone would be offended, the third time I dared 3 sprays and I got compliments from 2 females co-workers, then I ordered a sample of Aventus Creed just for the sake of it, and I just love it (I have some sprays left reserved for an special occasion.) when I smelled them side by side from the bottles they smell very alike althoug Aventus is smothier and more sofisticated they are very similar on the drydown, somehow the magic happened because now when I´m wearing CDNIM I just love it, even the "harsh citrus" opening smell nice, and from the 20-30 minutes mark it's just delicious.

So don't discard this fragrance at the first spray, wear it! BY THE WAY: My bottle is a 02/2017 batch So this is what all the fuss is about - just got my first bottle of Aventus, it lovely, surprised at the sweetness of the opening, i have not come across any clones with this.

Compare with Aventus, in my opinion and experience, Aventus definitely smells smoother and of high quality also last over a day on my skin and magical smells comes in, something I really enjoy, gets compliments here and there,smells sexy as well but CDNIM gets complements one after another. Got high quality pineapple oil from a local vendor. Only 1 for Cool Water and 0 for Hitfire for the same period. The next 24 hour, I picked that clothes up for laundry. I still able to smell this beast without even sniffed close to it! Price:16$ compare to everyone here I got it dirt cheap Batch : 3/2017 Made in France Essentially Creed Aventus wrapped up in a Lemonhead candy. It takes about 10-20 minutes for the signature Aventus smokiness to come through. Short description: 99% Creed Aventus Some people said it very synthetic, but most people can't even know the difference when they smell them! I don't know how strong pre-reformulated ver was, but this is still alive. But if you can't, don't be dissapointed(I'm not sure whether the word dissapointed is appropriate or not here because of my poor English skill.) This is good stuff.

Here is the comparisons between above three I mentioned. Sprayed like 5 spritz on skin and 3 on clothes daily. Projection might be heavy for the first 1-2 hour and goes to moderate after that. AND HERE IS AN INTERESTING STORY FOR YOU: It was raining one night, a light, windy rain, and I was on my way back to my home, riding a bike. Sillage is nice...about 20 minutes after applying it for the first time a guy at the lunch counter told me I smelled good (then explained that he was really just saying the scent smelled good...haha). While a few women might compliment this scent, it is one you wear for yourself and that speaks with authority. The black cap came off my sprayer and I had to put it on. I was so exited about this fragrance after all the reviews and recommendations so I order it on E-bay from India.

The scent itself is amazing, fresh, energizing, and very similar to Aventus. Alright, well, I didn't expect this kind of quality for 30 dollars... The ambergris, smokey pineapple of Aventus in spades, a little more green but extremely similar. not good as CDNIM it smell good but weaker performance CDNIM it is the best value for your money Oh All these people complaining about silage and longevity your not gonna get much with 3 sprays with this juice. Then as it lingers on the skin,potent lemon slowly give way to a astonishing smokey and woody mix of musk,birch and ambergris,with a hint of vanille."Quality/Cost Ratio" is high.

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