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Editor in Chief | Area Editors | Articles and Contributors International relations traditionally referred to the study of foreign affairs and political interaction between states.Today, the field covers the whole complex of cultural, economic, legal, military, and political relations of all states and their component populations, as well as non-state actors and international organizations.Males are territorial and are often seen fighting (Kuiter and Tonozuka 2001). This species is territorial and haremic; males spawn with a different female each day (Lieske and Myers 1994).All sexually mature females are territorial females (Gladstone 1987).Therefore, in all contexts, the English content, as directly provided by the IUCN Red List is to be held authoritative.", however its distribution overlaps with several marine reserves in parts of its range.This species is widespread and is found in a variety of habitats. We recommend monitoring of harvest levels for the aquarium trade.Research and scholarship in this area has an important impact our understanding of the past and of current events.It is imperative that students, scholars and professionals stay abreast of new research, new interpretations, and new theoretical ideas.

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It maintains a sex ratio very close to 1:1, and lives in social groups consisting of a single, sexually mature male, several mature females, and varying numbers of immature individuals (Gladstone 1987).It is also exported for the aquarium trade from the Solomon Islands (Kinch 2004).This species has been identified potential candidate for pre-settlement larval collection and grow-out for export to the aquarium trade in French Moorea (Lecchini As of 2008, fifteen percent of the world’s coral reefs were considered under imminent threat of being “Effectively Lost” (with 90% of the corals lost and unlikely to recover soon), with regions in East Africa, South and South-east Asia, and the wider Caribbean being the most highly threatened (Wilkinson 2008).Rather than sifting through these ever-expanding mountains of information that may or may not yield relevant results, students and researchers alike can rely on Patrick James is Dornsife Dean’s Professor of International Relations at the University of Southern California.

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He has been editor of International Studies Quarterly, Distinguished Scholar in Foreign Policy Analysis for the ISA, and Distinguished Scholar in Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Migration for ISA.

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